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Special offer Nabertherm - Free set stacking materials + 100 euro Botz glaze + free shipping

Prolonged due to success!

Nabertherm Top 60 Eco A small green Plus symbol  Set stapelmateriaal  A small green Plus symbol Botz glazuren assorti
Nabertherm Top 60 Eco    Free set stacking materials    Free Botz glazes
with B400 computer    worth € 107,62   worth € 121

Suggested retail price: €1950,- ex. VAT 

Special offer when buying a Nabertherm Top 60 Eco (mains) kiln with B400 computer:

  • Free shipping netherlands worth €45,00 ex.VAT (€54,45 incl. VAT); other countries discount €45,00 ex. VAT
  • Free set stacking materials worth €88,94 ex.VAT (€107,62 incl. VAT)
  • Free Botz glazes worth €100,00 ex.VAT (€121,00 incl. VAT)
Now only:

€ 2183,94 ex. VAT
€ 1950,00 ex. VAT

€ 2642,57 incl. VAT
€ 2359,50 incl. VAT
This offer is available directly from stock.
Delivery: 1 day after ordering

If you have any questions or want a non-committal quotation, please contact us. This offer is valid while stock lasts. Please inform about the conditions of this offer.