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Botz earthenware glazes

Temperature: 1020°C - 1100°C

Large selection of glazes with excellent brush and firing results. Ideal to mix with Botz Engobe, Glimmer and Unidekor.

Botz Plus

Temperature: 1050°C - 1100°C

Botz plus is, when fired on earthenware temperature, a satin white crackle glaze. Colour with ink to make the cracks visible. For more information about Botz Plus, see next page.

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Botz Engobe

Temperature: 900°C - 1100°C

Engobe is a colored clay silt that can be applied on the leatherhard clay. The bisque firing gives matt pastel shades. Applying a transparant glaze after the bisque firing intensifies the colour.

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Botz Glimmer

Temperature: 900°C - 1060°C

See engobe above, but with added glitter effect.
Lightly sponging the glaze after application enhances the effect. Possibly polish after firing.

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Botz Unidekor

Temperature: 1000°C - 1250°C

Glaze paint is pigment with glass-former, made suitable for decoration. Normal glazes are only used to fill areas and not to apply intricate decorations. Unidekor can be combined with Botz Engobe, Glimmer, earthenware and stoneware glazes.

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Botz Stoneware

Temperature: 1220°C - 1280°C

Stoneware glaze has a special look because of the high temperature. High resistance against chemical and mechanical influences, making it suitable for tableware (eg high shock and scratch resistance).

Applying melting point reducer brings down the temperature to a firing range of 1120°C-1220°C. See the next page for more information.

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