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Potter's stool

The adjustable leg version allows an assortment of heights to accomodate everyone, and can be tilted to relieve the strain on your lower back.

  • Adjustable height (49cm - 66cm)
  • Relieves the strain on your lower back.

Shimpo Stool              from 1-1-24   €62,- ex.VAT

Cast iron banding wheels

These cast iron banding wheels are used for decorating, forming and finishing your work.

Available in different sizes (18, 22 and 25 and 30cm diameter).

Prices € 50,00 (18cm) € 62,00 (22cm) € 86,00 (25 cm) € 122,00 (25cm high 18cm) € 156,00 (30cm). All prices ex. 21% VAT


Strengenpers / Pugmill

Compact pugmill NRA-04S (only 66,5cm long, 33,5cm wide and 56cm high) in stainless steel. 

There also exists an aluminum version (NRA-04).


NRA-04S         from 1-1-24   € 5190,- ex.VAT


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 Vacuum strengenpers / De-airing pugmill

Compact vacuum pugmill NVA-04S (only 92cm long, 42cm wide and 75cm in height), executed in stainless steel. The built-in compressor makes sure that during the processing all air is removed from the processed clay.

NVA-04S           from 1-1-24   € 6790,- ex.VAT


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NVS-07           from 1-1-24   € 7250,- ex. VAT


Table model T(able) S(lab) R(oller) TSR for slabs 37x50cm, thick 3-22mm.

Easy to handle

€ 675,00  ex. VAT


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